The lightness of being


Mannat Gupta is a contemporary label born out of the desire to dress our eternal muse: inspiring women around the globe who symbolise strength and simplicity.


This exacting ethos extends to everything we do at our studio.

From the earnestness with which we select our lush, featherlight fabrics to the minimal silhouettes that are finished with discerning details, each piece .Mannat Gupta is made with the intent to become your second skin and let your personality shine.


Many of our pieces are characterised by a rich, contrasting colour palette and notable textures created with meticulous hand-pleating and manipulation of various fabric weights. A departure from stuffy tailoring, the touch and feel of our materials shape-shift as the wearer moves. Our design philosophy is, thus, a culmination of an aesthetic that is lucid yet luminous; timely yet time-tested; and leisurely yet long-lasting.


A common thread of versatility and functionality ties all our collections together. Naturally, each material, technique and cut is made with our transcending realities in mind. A careful marriage between opulence and ease, all our creations can be translated and worn for myriad seasons, destinations, and moods.


However, more than anything, we want to be a part of a universe that supports, uplifts and celebrates all kinds of tenacious women; a world where style and substance go hand-in-hand.


At Mannat Gupta, we’re on a journey—pertinent, disarming and omnipresent in each one of our endeavours—that illuminates us time after time.