Which one comes first? Attachment or detachment? Attachments seal our choices and define who we are more covertly than one would suspect. Detachment, on the other hand, means to distance ourselves completely from the known and step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities. Drawn by the inner landscapes of the human attachments embedded in our psyches, we soon realized that the two states are fluid and often mask each other. This led to the realization of a tertiary sense that the two states converge and form a third state, nameless but meaningful and open to investigation.

Emotional transition is a continuous process. It plays a vital part in our life as well as for the people around us. Covid-19, itself, has affected human psychology and emotions to a much deeper level. It taught us how to free ourselves from surrounding boundaries and connect with ourselves and nature.
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There is a feeling of transcendence and unexplained overwhelm of emotions when a person first looks at Mark Rothko's work. The minimal language in Rothko’s artwork is what appealed to us and it is what we try to follow in our philosophy as well. By using solid colors and manipulating the fabric with pleats and ruches, we have tried to create depth and texture in each garment.           

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This collection was born out of true love for colors and experimentation of natural dyes; dyes created using flowers, herbs, and spices. To be able to grow from the life experiences and finally come out of the obstacles faced on a day-to-day basis, bloom is a collection for the women of today. Add color to your wardrobe with our playful pieces!

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