Gorgeous Collar Embellishments: How to Style a Dress

Take your formal look to the next level with a dress featuring an embellished collar. Whether you opt for a beaded piece or one adorned with studs and gems, this eye-catching feature can add instant style to any outfit. Read on to find out how to choose and style the perfect dress with an embellished collar.

Choose the Right Neckline.

When selecting a dress with an embellished collar, consider the neckline that will show off the detail best. Try to balance out your overall look – for example, if you’re wearing an ornate neckline you want your embellished collar to be more subtle or understated. For plain necklines or V-necks, choose a bolder collar with lots of sparkle and shine!

Look for Collar Embellishments That Match Your Outfit.

Coordinate your collar embellishment with the rest of your look by choosing pieces that match the color of your dress, shoes, bags, and jewelry. Choose either matching beading on the same color palette or complementary hues for a more subtle overall look. If you choose to wear a statement piece like a gem-encrusted collar, then look for simpler pieces to go with it such as small studs or pearls.

Consider Scale and Colour Before Making a Selection.

Before selecting your collar embellishment, consider the scale of the piece you’re wearing and its color palette. If you’re wearing a larger piece like a gem-encrusted collar, then look for subtle pieces that will still be visible to add even more texture to your outfit. For example, small pearls set into antique silver can add an elegant touch while complementing the existing design. If you’re wearing a more dainty dress, then try choosing something with a more delicate yet intricate design such as beading or studs.

Add Pins, Buttons, or Brooches to the Collar.

To give your dress even more visual interest, consider adding small pins, buttons, or brooches to the collar. You can find a wide variety of these pieces at craft stores or vintage stores. When choosing something to add, look for interesting shapes and color palettes that will draw attention without distracting from the outfit. You’ll be surprised how much a simple accent piece can take your outfit from okay to stunningly stylish!

Use Fabric Glue or Sew on the Embellishment Carefully.

If you’re using fabric glue to affix your collar embellishment, make sure to read the instructions and use a very small amount of it. Then carefully attach the embellishment to the collar, and then press down gently to ensure everything is firmly in place. On the other hand, if you're going to sew your embellishment, use a needle and thread that will blend seamlessly with the fabric. Start at one end of your accessory, secure threads tightly', and follow through until finishing off near where you began.